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Asaf Cohen

RGIS, LLC, the global market leader in inventory and data collection, announces the acquisition of the Ivalis Group, with controlling interest. Ivalis specializes in inventory and retail services in many European countries (France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Italy) with additional presence in Brazil. 

"RGIS and Ivalis were competitors for many years and have both always maintained a strong common ethical value with respect for both employees and customers. Our people are our strength and we will need the combined talent of both RGIS and Ivalis to continue to deliver our high level of service to all of our customers," said Asaf Cohen, CEO, RGIS.

In strengthening its position, RGIS will provide increasing stability to its customers. "Some Ivalis Group subsidiaries, such as Ivalis Switzerland, will continue to serve its customers with unchanged technology and quality of service. The franchise system developed by Ivalis will remain and will be extended," said Fréderic Marchal, founder of the Ivalis Group.

The enhanced infrastructure from the combined coverage of both companies will bring RGIS teams closer to customer sites. It will also strengthen RGIS' innovative services offering around the technological expertise of the two united entities. New technology platforms will support its retail customers in the transformation they are currently undergoing.

About RGIS:

RGIS takes clients beyond the count with integrated inventory services that include store surveys, space management, store remodels and resets, RFID solutions and asset optimization. With proven successes in all aspects of retail, healthcare and manufacturing inventory, it is no surprise that more organizations, in more places, trust RGIS to provide the information and insight they need to fully understand their assets and make better business decisions.

About Ivalis:

Founded in 1991, Ivalis Group has quickly become one of Europe's leading players in physical inventory outsourcing. Present in many countries, it now offers a wide range of services in Retail or Supply Chain: outsourced inventories, audits, deployment of RFID tag solutions, installation of electronic labels and geolocation of products. Its success is based on an extensive network of agencies, the quality of its services, the professionalism of its teams, simple processes and powerful tools delivering precision and reliability.

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